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Our Packages

We have got a package for everyone. Our plans are strategically curated by our team of experts to help you achieve your financial goals.

Package 1

100$ to

  • Daily ROI: 1%
  • Profit Days: 300
  • Capping Limit: 1000$
  • Principal Return: Yes
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Package 2

5000$ to

  • Daily ROI: 1.25%
  • Profit Days: 250
  • Capping Limit: 3000$
  • Principal Return: Yes
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Package 3

25000$ to

  • Daily ROI: 1.5%
  • Profit Days: 200
  • Capping Limit: 5000$
  • Principal Return: Yes
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Package Benefits

Investment options that will make you grow

We have strategically curated our investment packages to help you reap maximum profits. The packages guarantee high ROI and quick returns through intelligent investment and trading strategies.

Program Highlights

  • Package term 300-200 working days.

  • 1-1.5% Daily Returns.

  • 10% Affiliate Program.

  • 10% Binary Program.

  • Minimum Investment is $100.

  • Minimum Withdrawal is $40.

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Investment FAQs

You need to register a new account, deposit the amount which you want to invest (Minimum is 100 USD). After a successful deposit your fund will appear on C-wallet. Now, click on the Purchase page, Select package type, wallet type and enter amount to invest. After entering the details click on the ‘next’ button. Note: You can also select multiple wallets to invest.
We operate with payment systems Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT
No, we give ROI from Monday to Friday.
We have 4 different wallets , 1) C Wallet for Fund Deposit. 2) I Wallet- Referral and Binary income will be credited to this wallet. 3) ROI wallet - Daily profits will be credited to this wallet. 4) B wallet - If we offer any promotions that time rewards will be added to this wallet.
Your account will be updated as soon as you send a payment. For Bitcoin deposits it can take up to a few hours.
Yes, it is possible for you to have an unlimited number of deposits and unlimited investment in a single account, but each of them will be processed separately.
Yes, you can deposit from multiple payment methods. All the deposits will accumulate in your C-wallet.
The minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 40, and the maximum amount is not limited.
After logging into the system, click on Funds and then on Withdraw Funds. Fill the form and create a request for withdrawal.
There is always a risk of losing the invested funds. For instance, in case negative worldwide procedures occur that are not effectively managed by the management of the firm. Currency Trading, Crypto Currency Trading investing are among the riskiest forms of investments in the financial markets. But our team is made up of experts who can foretell such instances and expertly keep your investment. So, the risk of losing investments is extremely low.
No, ROI will be credited to ROI Wallet of your account and from there you can withdraw them anytime.
Yes, Principal Amount will be returned post contract duration, which will be credited to your respective wallets.
Yes, we charge 10% towards withdrawal fee