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Bixo Money Affiliate Program - It pays to have friends!

Our Affiliate Program provides a fascinating opportunity to build a prominent income source by leveraging your networking skills. Join our program and refer your friends and family members to maximise your profits.


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Benefits of our Affiliate Program

Bixo Money provides a highly profitable and lucrative affiliate program for its users. We ensure that our affiliates are motivated towards their rapid growth with our program.

We have an exclusive bonus program that provides bonuses of 10% on every referral and binary. A user can employ unlimited referrals as there is no cap on the number of referrals limited to a user. The referral links can be found at the bottom of the My Network page of your dashboard. After every successful referral, the user receives a 10% bonus of the amount paid by the referral.

Income Program FAQs

Bixo Money also offers an additional revenue channel to their clients through their incentivised affiliate program. The clients can utilise their networks to increase their revenue. You can refer your friends and earn high rewards. Our Affiliate program offers 10% affiliate bonus and 10% binary bonus.