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At Bixo Money, our team has been constantly striving to transform the wealth investment industry, with an aim to make profit-driven investment solutions accessible to everyone around the globe. Our CEO, Benjamin Gimson intends to empower people and encourage them to invest and trade with confidence in an innovative, reliable, and secure environment through opportunities that generate guaranteed returns. Bixo Money is owned and managed by it's parent company Bixo Fintech, a global company with offices in the UK, USA, and Hong Kong.

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Our core team strives to develop a culture that nurtures a humble, creative, and independent workforce. We are passionate about securing people's financial stability and believe that digital currency and Forex are powerful tools to help them make their dreams a reality.

Benjamin Gimson


Sophia Clare

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Chief Technical Officer

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Chief Information Officer

Intelligent Investment Solutions

Bixo Money leverages AI & market expertise to create profitable Digital currency and Forex investment solutions.

Liquid investment assets like digital currencies and Forex make it possible to gain profit from the fluctuations in the prices and rates of these assets. The ability to competently mitigate risks, analyse the components influencing the fluctuations of the financial assets, and to make proactive decisions is extremely crucial to safeguard the financial stability of the investors. Lack of understanding of the market can lead to serious losses.

We at Bixo Money, take the onus on ourselves to guarantee profits for our clients through fixed returns based packages. The mix of the expertise of the team and the advanced algorithms gathered by Artificial Intelligence minimize the risks involved.

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